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"They tracked three major populations, but only one was sentient: the Zixon."
Glenna Kip[src]

The Zixon were a sentient species native to the planet Minfar. They were shorter than humans, covered in short and thick green fur, and had long pointed ears, a snout, and long-clawed hands. According to Glenna Kip's intelligence, the Zixon lived almost exclusively underground and were named after the squeaking noises made on first contact with outsiders.[1]

Society and Culture[]

The Zixon of Minfar were very connected to nature, as evidenced by Lim knowing Rey's name because "the leaves sing [her] name." Rey believed that the Zixon had a unique connection to The Force.[1]

When the Resistance came to the aid of Lim and the Zixon to battle the First Order, Lim offered the heroes some blagaret soup. The spicy, thick, and hot soup was served in a cup with oddly spaced rings along the outside for the Zixon's claws. Juice was also served in glasses with rings. Rey found the food delicious. The dishes were washed in a simmering pool in the underground tunnels of Minfar.[1]

The Zixon welcomed the Resistance to Ghikjil with music and dancing. The music was made with squeaky horns and deep-voiced drums. Poe Dameron and BB-8 were gifted crowns of deep-purple flowers. Rey was gifted with more food.[1]

The Zixon were hunted by massive subterranean beasts called grobel. The grobel stalked the underground tunnels that connected the subterranean Zixon city of Ghikjil to the surface. However, according to the leader of the Zixon, the Zixon population was growing as a result of the declining grobel population. The Zixon had "many tricks to keep them away" including a cavern with a bridge that was designed to seem invisible.[1]

The Zixon were not particularly technologically advanced. Rose Tico observed that the little technology that they possessed was very advanced. Jem explained that a friend had saved them from the Galactic Empire and gifted them some technology to call for help when Minfar was in trouble, especially if stormtroopers returned to test the Echo Horn on them again. The Zixon did not use ships. Some Zixon carried blasters, but Rey assumed that they were just for decoration, given the difficulty that they would have pulling the trigger mechanism with their claws. Lim carried a ball-and-string weapon that was capable of knocking out three First Order stormtroopers in one swing.[1]

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