"I looked up from my research and found myself looking at Lutris Lake, and I don't have a window. My whole wall was gone by the time I could tell anyone."

Zobyteeg was a male individual who served as a General Council Assistant in Lutris on the[1] Expansion Region[2] world of Tynna.[1] Shortly before the Clone Wars,[3] Zobyteeg was working at the Tynna Central Government Building[1] when it was destroyed by stone mites.[4] The first to alert local security, he was later interviewed about the event by HoloNet News, telling the interviewer that he realized something was wrong when he was afforded a clear view of Lutris Lake despite the fact that his office did not possess a window.[1]

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Zobyteeg first appeared in HoloNet News Vol. 531 #53, an article on the HoloNet News website[1] in 2002.[5]

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