Zollet Ventor was a female Human from Alderaan. She worked as an archivist in the Royal Library of Alderaan, along with her husband Ean Ventor. Their son, Halagad Ventor, became a protégé of the nobleman Bail Prestor Organa. In 32 BBY, the House of Organa sent Zollet and Ean Ventor as their official representatives for the annual Grand Alderaanian Gathering, which took place on the island of Okonomo. However, the genetics terrorist Zeta Magnus was present at the party, hoping to get revenge on an Arkanian matron. Magnus unleashed a hive virus that drove all attendees mad, prompting them to jump at each other's throat and start devouring each other. The Ventor spouses died in that incident, which was later known as the Okonomo Tragedy.[1]

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