"A-ha, there it is! Oh… your vault is in Zone Zero. That's bad. […] Zone Zero is no-man's-land. When the Republic first got here, it sent a bunch of surveyors to map the region. One surveyor made it back alive. Said the place is overrun with things worse than rakghouls. Nobody goes there."
―Beryl Throne[src]

Zone Zero was an area of Transport Station 5 on the planet Taris that was infested with rakghouls during the Cold War and Galactic War. When the Galactic Republic first began to resettle Taris, they sent a team of surveyors into the area, but only one returned. Zone Zero was the location of a secret vault holding an astrogation chart owned by the crime lord Nok Drayen. During the invasion of Taris, Jicoln Cadera kept a camp there.



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