Zonju V was a planet in the Wild Space, rimward of Rutan. Its terrain consisted of shallow, dusty, scrubby, sparsely-foliated canyons and gorges; littered with deserted ruins carved from sandstone rock. The capital city was Zoronhed.

History[edit | edit source]

Barren landscape of Zonju V around 14 ABY.

In 3640 BBY,[2] a powerful chieftain was searching for his family's lost crown so he could secure his bid for the planet's throne.[3]

In 14 ABY, the canyons of Zonju V were a lawless area plagued by gangs of mercenaries on swoop bikes. The Jedi Jaden Korr was sent on a mission to the planet in order to make contact with a spaceport worker living outside of the city within one of the old ruins to receive information from him about the Disciples of Ragnos. But before the worker could tell Korr anything; he was shot dead by one of the mercenaries. Korr was then forced to embark on a ride through the canyons on a swoop of his own back to Zoronhed while being pursued by the swoop gangs; whom were possibly in the employ of the Disciples. He then departed the world in his personal starfighter, the Far Wanderer.[4]

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