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"So, you're carrying these rathtars to a collector?"
"I got three going to King Prana. Kings not only like to collect, they like to boast about their collections. Seems Prana's in competition with the regent of the Mol'leaj system. The regent doesn't have a rathtar in his private zoo. Neither does anybody else.
Rey and Han Solo[src]

A zoo was a location dedicated to holding a collection of rare and, sometimes, dangerous creatures. The King Prana and his rival, Regent Solculvis, both had expansive zoos dedicated to their collections of animals.[1] Prana, particularly, enjoyed boasting about his zoo.[2] Capital City on Lothal had a zoo, which Ezra Bridger had visited.[3]

In 2 BBY,[4] Emperor Palpatine owned a personal zoo that housed many rare and exotic animals.[5]

Prior to Liberation Day in 5 ABY, the Wexley family visited a zoo at Sarini Island on Chandrila, which contained pangorins, caw-crabs, and uralangs.[6]

Some 30 years after the Battle of Endor, Prana sought to outdo his rival and hired the smuggler Han Solo to obtain rathtars for his zoo, which ultimately went unfulfilled despite paying top credit for the job.[1][2]



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