Zool Zendiat was a male human treasure hunter. Founder of the Zendiat Collective, a thieving guild that traveled the galaxy aboard the starship Fortune, he made a name for himself by stealing valuable artifacts and selling them to the best bidder. It was believed that Zendiat and his Collective were behind the theft of Kolka Zteht's sandglass scuplture of Ziro the Hutt, which was lifted from the Museum of Tatooine.[2]

At some point before the attack on Tuanul, Zendiat was searching for a J9 droid on the planet Jakku. Zendiat and his gang kidnapped Unkar Plutt, the junk boss of Niima Outpost, leaving a power vacuum in the small desert community. Rey, a scavenger who sold items to Plutt, decided to free him from Zendiat.[1]

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