"These engines still need an overhaul!"

The Zoomer was an overhauled light freighter belonging to the salvage pilot and mercenary Reti.


Zoomer JSF

Zoomer at the Battle of Eos

The Zoomer was manufactured from the parts of wrecked ships, possibly from the Stark Hyperspace War, which Reti himself procured. Having seemingly been built from no blueprints at all, this ship was proof of Reti's skills with a toolkit.

The Zoomer employed an impressive weapons array. It was armed with two rapid-fire laser cannons on the lower part of the cockpit and two more cannons on the tips of each wing. Reti also installed a chaingun acquired from a Tusken skiff on Tatooine, which could bypass energy shields. Reti also acquired cruise missiles, cluster missiles, and proximity mines from his cohort Nym.

It had a surprisingly large cargo space for a ship of its size due to a smaller sublight drive that was illegally purchased from a disgruntled ship-factory employee. The Zoomer had a thin, oval cockpit, and cargo hold with two wings on the top and two engine turbines below.



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