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Zorbia was an astronomical object located in the Moddell sector of the Outer Rim Territories[1] in grid square H-16 of the Standard Galactic Grid.[2] It was situated on the Ovise Reach hyperspace route, which linked it to the Endor and Trindello systems.[3] The Moddell sector's hyperspace anomalies sometimes transported starships to the Endor system from as far away as Zorbia.[4] Zorbia was eventually depicted on a map of the Moddell sector included with the Rebel Alliance collection of non-electronic documents known as The Rebel Files.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Zorbia was introduced in the current Star Wars canon via a mention in the eighteenth issue of De Agostini's Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon magazine,[3] which was published around May 6, 2015.[5] In the Star Wars Legends continuity, the planet Zorbia II was introduced in the article "Endor and the Moddell Sector," which was published in the ninth issue of the Star Wars Gamer magazine[6] on February 22, 2002.[7]


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