Major Zoul Lavor Xavir Lar was a legendary Bitthævrian fighter and a good friend of Quaal Stavi Giniras. Legend told of a fight between Lar and Giniras, where both of them used the traditional dematoil of their people. It is unclear why they decided to fight, but the fight could only end with the death of one or both of them.

For fifty years, they constantly fought until they were too injured to continue fighting. Then, they would heal their wounds and return to the fight. They spent the bedtime to take care of any other matters worthy of their attention.

Finally, after 212 victories for Lar and 211 for Giniras, Giniras died of old age. As a testimony of his respect towards Giniras, Lar cut the greatest quill on his arm and attached it to Giniras's dematoil. Afterward, Lar buried Giniras with his weapon at the holy hills outside s'Korth'an.


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