SWE1R (Zugga Challenge)

The Zugga Challenge was a podracing course on Mon Gazza and the fifth race of the Semipro Podracing Circuit. Groff Zugga, the kingpin of the Galactic Spice Mining Guild, commissioned the design and implementation of this track, considered by many to be one of the toughest in the sport of podracing.


Racers flew from their grids in the same spot as the Mon Gazza Speedway, and took the same course most of the way, until one of the turns was replaced by a straightway leading through a winding path of splitting roads and arteries in the mining area.

Live Race- Mon Gazza- Zugga Challenge

Zugga Challenge.

Convoys of dozers populated the Strip Mine Roads, and the racers had to deal with them by swerving, or suffering a fiery death. The course straightened out at the Miner's Town, where racers who know the place could slip into a secret path under the main track where they were free to race without possibilities of collisions. After the caged corkscrews, the racers were subjected to two sharp switchbacks, then a leap over a toxic industrial waste dump.

Another sharp turn, a long straightaway through the mines, and the racers had to finally negotiate another massive dozer, but with much room. The course led back to the speedway, and the pods made their way back to the starting line.

With large, open areas, as well as vicious curves, pods with high turning and top speed ratings fared well on this course.

Tournament and Race NumberEdit

This course was the fifth race in the Semipro Podracing Circuit tournament.

Track FavoriteEdit

  • Boles Roor
    • Lap Time: 02:01.261
    • Race Time: 06:10.897


Other Tracks of Mon GazzaEdit

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