"Commodore Zuggs, activate the heat mechanism in the Antisecurity Device."

Zuggs was a Human male who served as an officer in the naval forces of Palpatine's Galactic Empire.[2] Following the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, the Imperial throne was left empty.[3] In 5 ABY, a mutant named Trioculus campaigned to become the next Emperor, with the support of the Central Committee of Grand Moffs.[4] Commodore Zuggs served as the commander of the would-be-Emperor's personal Strike-class cruiser. He assisted Trioculus and Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa to Scardia Station in the Null Zone so that the pretender to the throne could receive a dark blessing from Kadann, the Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side. The so-called Kadann, who was in fact an imposter, directed Trioculus to the fourth moon of Yavin Prime, where he was meant to locate and kill the Jedi Prince. Zuggs brought his master to his destination, keeping his cruiser in orbit while Trioculus plotted to exterminate the members of the enemy Senate Planetary Intelligence Network.[1]

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Commodore Zuggs was a beady-eyed man who, by the time of the Trioculus affair, had gone bald. In response to the loss of his hair, he used to shave his head clean.[1]



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