"Their engineers, the Zuguruk, are loyal, but they build far too many burial mounds and too few battleships."
Sorzus Syn[src]

The Zuguruk were a caste of the Sith, a sentient species that originated on the planet Korriban within the Stygian Caldera. The second-highest caste in the Sith traditional system, the Zuguruk acted as engineers, and they were responsible for constructing burial mounds and battleships for the Sith.

Biology and appearanceEdit

As a subspecies of the Sith race, the Zuguruk hailed from Korriban, a cold and dry[2] planet located in a region called the Stygian Caldera.[3] The Zuguruk were quite similar to other castes within the Sith species: humanoid in form, with their skin spanning hues from crimson to obsidian. Unlike the other subspecies, at least some of the Zuguruk had Human-like hands with five digits,[1] instead of the usual tridactyl hands.[4]


Around 6900 BBY,[5] the people of Korriban and Ziost were subdued by a group of Dark Jedi exiles. Under the reign of the former Jedi High General Ajunta Pall, the Zuguruk continued to fulfill their duties. However, Sorzus Syn, one of the other twelve leading Dark Jedi, thought their new dark side empire needed a powerful starfleet rather than architectural landmarks. Syn intended to convince Pall of the need to redirect the Zuguruk's effort, threatening to remove him from his position of Dark Lord of the Sith if he refused.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

Within the Sith heavily hierarchized society, the Zuguruk were tasked with the design and construction of machines, engines and buildings. Before the Dark Jedi's arrival, these Sith engineers focused on building tumuli. Under the influence of Sorzus Syn, they were redirected to the conception of battleships in support of the new Sith Empire's belligerent ambitions.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Zuguruk were first mentioned in Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side, a 2012 reference book written by Daniel Wallace. The existence of different subspecies of Sith dates back to the 1990s comic book series Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi.

The picture of a Zuguruk featured in the Book of Sith depicts him with Human-like, five-fingered hands,[1] while the Sith were supposed to be a tridactyl species.[4]



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