"Sith's blood! Fixing anything in this rot-infested place is an uphill battle!"

Zuka was a Mandalorian warrior who was aided by Meetra Surik in fixing a telemetry computer in the Mandalorian base on Dxun.


"Fight ferociously, and if you die, take as many as you can with you."
―Zuka to Meetra Surik[src]

Zuka was the tech specialist for the re-established Mandalorian camp on Dxun and preferred fixing things for combat (a somewhat un-Mandalorian attitude—though it could be said that he was "fighting" the jungle's attempts to "retake" the camp), but he was nonetheless valued by Mandalore the Preserver for his technical skills.

During Meetra Surik's visit to the camp, Zuka was the first to discover the infiltrating Sith assassins, setting a trap for one of them and causing the Sith to be caught in an explosion as he decloaked to attack Zuka. He then warned his fellow Mandalorians of the stealthed Sith.

Zuka also located the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Freedon Nadd on Dxun for Surik just before his involvement in the Second Battle of Onderon and was among the Mandalorians who fought in the Battle of Telos IV as he supervised the placing of proton cores throughout the Ravager. When one of the proton charges went off prematurely in a Sith counterattack on his position, Zuka was wounded; when he reported the situation to Mandalore he offered up his life in repayment for the botched job, but was rebuffed.

Despite being a Mandalorian Bao-Dur didn't really mind Zuka but most likely because Zuka was a skilled technician.


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