"What separates the Swordmasters from so many of the other groups is that they deserve attention, especially by the Alliance."
Lieutenant Tura Raftican, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

The Zulirian Swordmasters were a group of blade wielding sword collectors who were founded on the planet Zuliria by Ther-das. As time went on, the group members discovered that they were gifted 'swordsmen' and combatants. Less than one year after being founded, they altered their original mission from 'collecting' to using their knowledge to become vigilantes and began showing a trend of attacking unarmed enemies.[1]

In Teloc Ol-sen, the Swordmasters met a Rebel cell, with one of the Rebels using a vibroblade. Zulirian Swordmaster Kaltor Naklian challenged this Rebel to a duel and, when he refused, Naklian simply killed him. The Rebels tried to counter attack, but the Swordmasters massacred them. They were then considered a threat to the Rebel Alliance, receiving reports written by Tura Raftican and other Rebels.[1]


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