The Zuma sector was a sector in the Outer Rim Territories of the the galaxy, composed of the Outer Zuma and the Inner Zuma Regions. The Outer Zuma Region included the Kakani, Sugai, Fusai and Ikenomin subsectors, while the Inner Zuma was made up of the Spar, Ablajeck and Moddell subsectors. It contained the planets Houche, Abbaji, and Firrerre.

Hyperspace travels in the little-trafficked Zuma Regions were painfully slow and sometimes unsafe.[1]


The region was considered part of the Unknown Regions until the final centuries of the Old Republic. Its subsectors were admitted as freestanding subsector in Wild Space around 50 BBY.[1]

The Zuma sector was eventually created from these freestanding subsectors by the Empire.[2]


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