Zumgi was a member of the Ranc gang. He served under the leadership of Wenda and Bett before transferring his allegiance to Terex. Zumgi had a great deal of respect for Terex and regarded Wisper as a steward. After Terex returned to reclaim ownership of the Ranc gang in 34 ABY, Zumgi killed Wisper. Zumgi then took part in the hunt for Poe Dameron.


The Ranc gangEdit


Zumgi and the Ranc Gang

Zumgi lived during the New Republic Era. He was a member of the Ranc gang, which was based on the Outer Rim world of Kaddak and led by Wenda and Bett. In 7 ABY, he and the other members of the Ranc gang entered the Rothana Imperial Shipyards with the former stormtroopers Corlac and Terex. Terex managed to use his knowledge of the base to help the gang take over the abandoned shipyards.[1] Corlac along with Wenda and Bett wanted to build a pirate empire. After Terex killed Corlac, Wenda, and Bett, Zumgi joined Wisper, Brrang, and the others in transferring their allegiance to Terex.[3]

Return of TerexEdit


Zumgi kills Wisper and swears his loyalty to Terex

When Terex left the gang to join the First Order, Wisper took over leadership of the Ranc gang. While Wisper made the gang rich, he never commanded the same level of respect as Terex. In 34 ABY, Terex returned to take back leadership of the Ranc gang. When Wisper objected and tried to reassert his authority over the gang, Zumgi shot him dead with a blaster. Zumgi told Terex that they were all very excited to receive his call and welcomed him back to the gang. Terex thanked him for his loyalty.[1] The gang then took control of Terex's starship Carrion Spike from his First Order crew.[3]

Under Terex's orders, Zumgi made sure that the Resistance pilot Poe Dameron and the droids BB-8, N1-ZX, and C-3PO escaped Kaddak with little resistance. Zumgi and his men prevented the mob from taking the bounty on Poe's head by breaking a few skulls. Terex reassured Zumgi that their plan was working and that Poe was a resourceful enemy. Terex's plan was to use N1-ZX to track Poe back to the Resistance base and destroy it. Zumgi and Brrang were present when Terex opened a garage full of "Uglies".[3]

After bringing the Ranc fleet into space, Zumgi told Terex that he was glad to have him back. Terex reassured Zumgi that he and the other Rancs were his family. Since they were tracking Poe's T-70 X-wing starfighter which had already entered hyperspace, Terex instructed Zumgi to prepare the fleet and let him know when Poe reentered realspace. When Zumgi asked if he did not want to supervise the operation, Terex told Zumgi that he had more faith in the Ranc gang than in the bureaucratic First Order.[2]

Encounter with Oddy MuvaEdit

Oddy-takes-Zumgi-hostage PD 11

Zumgi is taken hostage by Oddy Muva

While Zumgi was roaming through the ship's corridors, he was accosted by the Abednedo Resistance technician Oddy Muva, who had come to rescue his wife Sowa Chuan from Terex. Oddy claimed to be a technician who had accidentally stowed aboard. Zumgi realized that he was lying because he had a blaster in his holster. Zumgi drew a vibroblade and managed to damage Oddy's blaster. However, Oddy kicked him in the torso. When Zumgi taunted his opponent, Oddy Muva responded that he had come to rescue his wife and punched Zumgi under the chin, knocking him to the ground. Oddy then held the vibroblade against his neck and demanded to know where his wife was.[2]

Oddy forced Zumgi at gunpoint to lead him to Terex's harem. Zumgi watched as Oddy and Sowa embraced and learned that Terex kept a harem of slaves in order to blackmail people into spying for him. When Oddy ordered Zumgi to call Terex in order to settle scores with him, Zumgi replied that everyone who tried to fight Terex lost. Smirking, he told Oddy that Terex was no longer aboard the ship but was leading a boarding party to hunt down Poe Dameron on a desert world.[4]

The Ranc gang was later caught up in a battle with Poe's Black Squadron. The Carrion Spike and the Ranc fleet was subsequently destroyed by First Order forces which had been sent to chastise Poe for disobeying orders not to engage with the New Republic and Resistance. It is unknown whether Zumgi perished or survived the battle.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Zumgi was a dark-skinned human man with gray eyes and black hair. In his younger days, he had black hair on top of his head.[1] By 34 ABY, he only had black mutton chops.[2] Zumgi was loyal to Terex and regarded him as a better leader than Wisper. Zumgi knew how to shoot a blaster, which he killed Wisper with.[1] As one of Terex's lieutenants, Zumgi knew how to break a few skulls.[3] Zumgi knew how to wield a vibroblade but was outmatched by the Abednedo Resistance agent Oddy Muva.[2] Even in captivity, Zumgi remained smug and defiant and believed Oddy had little chance of beating Terex on his own.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Zumgi first appeared in the 2016 comic Poe Dameron 9, written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Phil Noto.


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