"He was just a petty guy who reached his ultimate level of usefulness driving a minelaying barge for a warlord and then had to be scraped off the floor."
Garik "Face" Loran[src]

Zurel Darillian was a Captain in the Imperial Navy, who joined Warlord Zsinj some time after the Battle of Endor.


A former Imperial Intelligence officer from Coruscant, Darillian commanded Night Caller, a heavily modified CR90 corvette. Darillian had a tremendous ego – despite having a boring job, he kept his logs in full-holographic format. Captain Darillian last saw Coruscant exactly two years, seven months, and six days before the Battle of Ession. He was effectively exiled from his homeworld after former Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard lost the planet to the New Republic, and his wife died when the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Lusankya launched from its berth beneath Coruscant, destroying the Darillian's home.

His primary duties under Zsinj included diplomatic visits to allied planets and companies and making overtures to organizations Zsinj wished to recruit into his empire. Additionally, Night Caller was one of the ships Zsinj, and later Admiral Trigit, assigned to lay empion mines and investigate their detonation. His final mission, a routine investigation of a mine activation, brought Night Caller into conflict with Wraith Squadron.

As Night Caller scanned a derelict X-wing, Wraith pilot Voort saBinring boarded the corvette aboard a cargo pod, armed with a modified X-wing laser cannon. The laser's destructive power exceeded the Wraiths' expectations, and when saBinring fired it into the deck above the hangar it blew a hole all the way to the bridge. Captain Darillian was directly in the line of fire, and was killed instantly.

Though Darillian himself ended up splattered on the ceiling of his bridge, Garik Loran impersonated him through the Battle of Ession in order to collect intelligence on Zsinj.



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