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Zutton was a Snivvian male artist. He went by several aliases throughout his life, including "Snaggletooth," "Z-Ton," and "Zutt." He was the brother of Takeel and owner of the Longest Winter.


Zutton was a tortured artist who, like most Snivvians, was driven to live out the stories he created.

He commonly spent his money from selling pieces of art on spice, and frequently visited the cantinas in Mos Eisley, such as Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina. His paintings were often of friends and associates, such as at Jabba's Palace, or, possibly, of his targets.[2] As well as being an artist, he was also an author and created stories of some of the frequent patrons in Chalmun's Cantina.

Zutton's work for Jabba Desilijic Tiure was motivated by the need to support and look after Takeel. His bounty hunting skills were well developed, and he had built up a reputation in the Outer Rim as an efficient, decent hunter, whom even his targets and law enforcement could respect.[2]

He on one occasion destroyed Jabba's CZ-3 secretary droid.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

Although this character is apparently short, Kenner initially created an erroneous tall version of his action figure. "Blue Snaggletooth" is the informal name of this rare action figure from 1978. Released as part of the Sears "Star Wars Cantina Adventure Set," as well as a Sears exclusive mail-in two-pack with Greedo, the Snaggletooth figure was intended to represent the character Zutton. However, the only reference Kenner used for the figure was a partial black-and-white photograph of the character. As a result, the Snaggletooth figure included wore a uniform erroneously painted blue, had long legs, and wore boots and gloves. All versions of Snaggletooth from 1979 onward, including later Sears releases of the cantina set, were corrected to the proper red color, with bare feet and hands and shorter legs.

In 2001, Hasbro produced a figure called Zutton, but the figure actually resembles Rachalt Hyst.[3]

In the Insider #130 article "The Unusual Suspects: Who's Who in Mos Eisley," there are discrepancies between the pictured Reegesk mask and that seen in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. The Ranat pictured in this issue of Insider may in fact be Nevar Yalnal; however, this has yet to be clarified. The confusion continues with both Takeel and Zutton reversed from their Decipher Customizable Card Game images. The Decipher cards show Zutton with a full head of hair, while in the Insider image he has patchy hair and a large hump. Decipher depicts Takeel with patchy hair and a large hump, but in the Insider image he has a full head of hair and a small hump. The identified images of Mosep Binneed and Tawss Khaa also differ from those used by Decipher.



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