"Well, Nomo, it's your shift. Sort this one out and you'll be a Captain by Monday. Fail, and you'll be working in the mines."
"Mines? What mines? Where will you go?"
"As far as I can. As far as I can.
―Captain Zyak and Lieutenant Nomo as Fuel City's fuel cells are destroyed[src]

Captain Zyak was an officer of the Imperial Navy trained in air-traffic control. As of 5 ABY, he was stationed in Fuel City on Sulon, where he considered he was wasting his life. He had a thin mustache and often sneered.

Following the near-destruction of Fuel City by Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors, Zyak decided to go AWOL rather than face his superiors' wrath, even though Lieutenant Nomo had been on duty.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the audio adaptation of Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, he was voiced by Tim Russell.


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