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Zygerria was a planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories that was the homeworld of the Zygerrian species.


Zygerria was a temperate, rocky planet,[6] with terrain including plains, mesas, and highlands.[7] The sun on the planet could get quite hot, and thus the streets in the Zygerrian capital were partially covered by colorful awnings.[2] During the Zygerrian Slave Empire's height, the population had fortresses and cities built on top of the mesas scattered throughout the planet, using slave labor.[7] Such cities and fortresses were very detailed and consistent in design throughout. Many areas or parts of cities were solely used for housing slaves, with regular round-the-clock guard patrols and multiple cells or grates lined in rows below the floor. Food would be dropped or slid in and air supplied through open grates in the ceiling. Species such as the Togruta species were common for use in places like the Zygerrian Royal Palace. Arenas or stadiums were likewise present throughout cities where fights could be held and bets be placed by guests/onlookers. Countless rich or powerful people traveled to and from Zygerria or its slave colonies looking for cheap labor to be used in businesses or just for general servitude in a wide range of capacities, depending on what customers wanted.[5]


The planet experienced success during the thousands of years the Zygerrians maintained their slave labor industry, but after the Jedi Order cracked down on the slaving operations, it faded from glory.[10] The Old Republic Judicial Forces helped the Jedi to police Zygerria until its slave trade was destroyed.[11]

However, their empire rose again when the Zygerrians collaborated with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars[3] due to the alliance made between the Queen of Zygerria, Miraj Scintel, and Count Dooku. This was until Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and Obi-Wan Kenobi led an operation to locate and rescue a population of Togrutas who went missing, which was later found to be due to a Zygerrian-led operation. Only a portion of the missing Togrutas were saved as the remaining portion of them were taken directly to Zygerria. After safely completing the mission, Anakin, Ahsoka, Clone Captain Rex, and Obi-Wan traveled to Zygerria as well. Anakin posed himself as a wealthy slave owner "Bruno Denturri," looking to purchase more labor with Ahsoka posing as his personal slave while Rex and Obi-Wan disguised themselves as Zygerrian guards in order to locate the rest of the Togrutas.[5]

Anakin eventually met Scintel, after which she quickly came to love Anakin. Soon Obi-Wan found the rest of the Togrutas but in the process was discovered and arrested. Anakin and Ahsoka were quickly suspected by the queen to be part of the attempt to free the slaves and therefore, Anakin was ordered to fight Obi-Wan in an arena to prove his loyalty. About to strike down his master, Anakin called for R2-D2, also present, to supply their lightsabers. Despite the effort, all operatives were caught. Rex and Obi-Wan were forced to work as slaves themselves at the slave processing facility on Kadavo while Ahsoka being placed in a cage hanging over the side of the Royal Palace. Anakin meanwhile, woke up in Scintel's room as she wanted his loyalty and love, giving him another chance to prove it. Count Dooku was eventually informed of what was happening on Zygerria and personally traveled there to confront Scintel concerning her relations with the Jedi, specifically Anakin. When Anakin found Dooku after his arrival, Dooku threatened to kill Scintel, at which Anakin said that he did not care for any of the "slaver scum." After Force choking her, Dooku tossed the queen to the ground and when her guards arrived, he blamed Skywalker for her apparent death. Skywalker would take her body and make his escape, learning that his friends were being imprisoned on Kadavo before Scintel breathed her last breath.[5]

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