Sounds like the feisty filly in the corner stall is having trouble sleeping. Did you do the endurance exercises with her in the double-gravity chamber today? You know fathiers need heavy exercise when they're cooped up on a ship like this."
"Sorry. I had to clean the reflux combusters—"
"No excuses. Each of these fathiers is worth more than three years of your wages.

——Ulina and Teal[来源]

太空馬(space horses)正式名稱為Fathiers是《星際大戰》中的一種非智能生物。牠們常用於登高,而KergansCantonica的有錢人則騎著牠來競賽。


非智能四足生物。最明顯的特徵在其很長的雙腿、褐色皮毛以及大的眼睛。牠能在許多種地形上快速前進,包括海濱、平願以及懸涯等。[1] 牠的速度造成為銀河系中的有錢人所喜愛,該生物被且視為優雅高貴。[2]首次見到太空馬的人常會被其大小所震驚。[3] When cooped up, fathiers required endurance exercises, so fathier transports were equipped with double-gravity chambers.[4]


Fathiers were able to be domesticated, and they were used as mounts in competition. The inhabitants of the 行星 Cantonica exploited them in highly popular races on the 坎托拜 racetracks, in which the animals suffered abuse.[1]


During the 銀河內戰, the 反抗軍同盟 used fathiers in hit-and-run combat missions.[5]

In 34 ABY,[6] 抵抗勢力 operatives 芬恩 and 蘿絲·提科 traveled to Cantonica in search of a Master Codebreaker. During their search, the two ran into trouble with the Canto Bight Police Department, and they hid in the fathier stables at the Canto Bight racetrack. With the help of stable boy Temiri Blagg, Finn and Tico let the fathiers loose, riding a fathier to escape the police force.[1]


I learned to hunt with bassa hounds. I learned to ride fathiers in competition. I hated all of it.

——Lorica Demaris[来源]

At some point in his life, the Corellian Geb Teldar mucked the stall of a fathier for a living.[7] Lorica Demaris, a Zeltron from the planet Kergans, learned how to ride fathiers in competition, which she hated.[8]

Behind the scenes编辑

Fathier BTS D23

A fathier in a stall in The Last Jedi behind the scenes footage from the D23 Expo

Fathiers were created for the 2017 film STAR WARS:最後的絕地武士, directed by Rian Johnson. They were first mentioned in the novel Aftermath: Empire's End, which was written by Chuck Wendig.[7]




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