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When we look back upon the war against the Empire—upon the billions of lives lost—sometimes it seems as though nothing could ever have been worth the terrible price we paid. But when we think of those people who perished in the conflict, let us remember that they died for justice. For liberty. For the extraordinary peace we now enjoy. This is what we fought for.

——Senator Tai-Lin Garr[来源]

新共和國(New Republic)是星際大戰世界中的一個虛構聯邦國家

義軍同盟在象徵銀河帝國滅亡的恩多戰役取得決定性勝利後,[7],成立新共和國,以恢復銀河系民主秩序。最初將首都與銀河參議院復會設在千瑞拉星球Chandrila),之後遷往了霍斯連恩主行星Hosnian Prime),但在《星球大戰:原力覺醒》中其被第一軍團弑星者基地毀滅,將所在區域內的議會、艦隊一併毀滅,但新共和國並沒有滅亡,只是損失慘重。



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