You missed something else. I already have a love. And it's called money.

——Unkar Plutt[来源]

昂卡·普魯特(Unkar Plutt)是《星際大戰》中的角色。電影中由賽門·佩吉飾演。,賈庫的回收場主人。

克羅魯特族族,約在恩多戰役後30年居住於遙遠的賈庫,他是一個回收場主人,收購賈庫戰役後在星球上的各種武器、裝備的殘骸。他僱用了thugs to enforce his stranglehold on barter, 派他們去處罰各種不聽話的拾荒者。 拾荒者們背後稱之為The Blobfish。had collected all manner of weapons, gears, and ships over the years, including a battered 千年鷹 he kept under a tarp on the outskirts of 尼瑪商站. From his Concession Stand at 尼瑪商站, he ruled over the lives of the scavengers, buying and selling scrap and doling out survival rations.


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