You really are a First Order commander through and through, Phasma. You threaten, and whine, and wail, but you never do anything.


法斯瑪隊長(Captain Phasma)又譯普拉斯馬隊長,是《星際大戰》中的角色,由格溫多蘭·克里斯蒂飾,女性人類.


he served as part of the unofficial commanding triumvirate for the First Order and their 弒星者基地 operation, taking charge of the command of the First Order's stormtrooper soldiers. During the Cold war, which took place 30 years after the 恩多戰役, Phasma served alongside the dark enforcer 凱羅·忍 and 將軍 阿米蒂奇·赫斯 in their efforts against the 抵抗勢力.

Under orders from the 最高領袖 of the First Order, 史諾克, the triumvirate searched for a galaxy map that would lead to the last of the 絕地, 路克·天行者, on the 行星 賈庫. After the sacking of the village Tuanul, Phasma and her stormtroopers killed the survivors under orders from Ren. Afterward, FN-2187, one of her division's stormtroopers, had an awakening that led to him betraying the First Order, despite Phasma's efforts at reconditioning him. The First Order eventually decided on unleashing their Starkiller superweapon, an event which led to the destruction of the Hosnian system, where the 新共和國's capital was located, for which Phasma was present.

Before the First Order could fire the Starkiller again and destroy the Resistance, FN-2187, alongside the 走私者s 韓蘇洛 and 秋巴卡, infiltrated the base and took Phasma captive. Under the threat of death, the trio managed to have Phasma lower the Starkiller's planetary shield for the Resistance's assault effort on the superweapon. Although Phasma believed the Resistance would be destroyed by her stormtrooper legions, the Resistance was ultimately successful in destroying the Starkiller Base. Phasma was left in the base's trash compactor, though she managed to escape just before the base's destruction.

在《STAR WARS:最後的絕地武士》中,抓到了芬恩蘿絲,想殺他們未成,最後與芬恩對決被殺。


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