You will learn to preserve your Life Force, and so, manifest a consciousness which will allow you to commune with the living after death.

——魁剛·金的英靈, 與尤達聯繫[来源]

絕地英靈(Force spirit)是《星際大戰系列》中的一種能力。這是經過訓練之後利用原力產生的能力。[6] 該知識只在原力的光明面流傳。[1] 因此主要在為絕地所使用。[3] It was made possible by energy from the Living Force flowing into the Cosmic Force.[7] The Force Priestesses, who dwelled on the planet said to be the origin of the midi-chlorians, taught the skill to 魁剛·金,[3] the first known Jedi to learn the secret. His training was incomplete upon his death, however, so he could only manifest as a disembodied voice.[7] 該秘密後來也傳給歐比王, 尤達,和安納金·天行者.[4] The 西斯 were unable to manifest themselves after death, causing them to concentrate on gaining earthly power only.[1] One Sith, the Presence, was able to preserve part of her conscious essence so long as it was bound to an object like a Sith holocron.[8]


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