菁英禁衛兵(Elite Praetorian Guard)是一個8人戰士組成的組織,其任務是要保護第一軍團的領袖 最高領袖 史諾克。 跟隨著以往作為 銀河皇帝達斯·西帝的[皇家護衛]]的傳統,菁英禁衛兵穿著紅色的袍子和盔甲。它們擅長於武術並帶著各種近戰武器

凱羅·忍刺殺了史諾克之後,菁英禁衛兵中的 第一, 第三第七個護衛,試圖幫他報仇,但經過一番打鬥之後,被忍和所殺。他們的覆滅代表忍繼史諾克成為第一軍團的最高領補。




第一軍團 在很多方面模仿銀河帝國, 菁英禁衛兵就源自皇家護衛,[1][5] 菁英禁衛兵是由8個人類菁英戰士組成,用以保護第一軍團的領導者, 最高領袖 史諾克.[6] They flanked the Supreme Leader in his throne room,[7] and held in Snoke's Mega-class Star Dreadnought, the 至高無上號.[3] Aside from their obvious origin from the Emperor's Royal Guard, they also were derived to some extent from the Artisan Emperor's royal guards, in particular how each of them operated in pairs. Three of the guards were known as the First, Third and Seventh Guards, respectively.[2]

After Snoke's assassination at the hand of his apprentice, 凱羅·忍, the Praetorian Guards moved to avenge the death of their leader. Ren and , who was present for the assassination, dispatched all eight of the guards in a short yet intense fight. Ren then assumed the title of Supreme Leader.[4]


The Elite Praetorian Guards were clad in ornate crimson 盔甲, robes[5] and plastoid helmet.[8] Nine plates of armor protected each Praetorian's arm and shoulder. They were merciless, persistent, and specialized in melee combat. The Praetorian Guards boasted an arsenal of melee weapons[6] that were high-tech versions of unpowered analogs found in primitive societies across 銀河系, such as long vibro-axes, curved single-bladed swords—with an electro-plasma energy filament running along the blade's edge[9]—flailing Bilari electro-chain whips, and heavy double-bladed polearms that could also be separated into[6] dagger-like single-bladed weapons to adjust to any battle scenario.[9] The precise, sweeping movements of their martial arts fighting style struck fear into the hearts of foes.[6]

Although the Praetorians' weapons and gauntlets—which could resist 光劍 attacks—as well as their training enabled them to hold their own against both Ren and Rey for a time, the guards were ultimately defeated by the Force-sensitive pair.[4]


The Emperor's guards were very formal, and you always got the sense that they could fight, but they didn't. They looked like they were more ceremonial, and you never really saw them in action. The Praetorians, my brief to Michael Kaplan was that those guys have to be more like samurai. They have to be built to move, and you have to believe that they could step forward and engage if they have to. They have to seem dangerous.

——Rian Johnson[src]

Praetorian Guard EW

The Praetorian Guard was created for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

菁英禁衛兵是為了電影STAR WARS:最後的絕地武士而創造的[1] 於2017年12月15日日播放。[10] The Praetorian Guard was officially revealed in an article by Entertainment Weekly, released on August 9, 2017.[1] The Guards made their first appearance in Star Wars: Tales of the Force,[11] a young adult Golden Book title published on September 5, 2017 as part of the Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi series.[12]

STAR WARS:最後的絕地武士中,菁英禁衛兵由James Cox, Dan Euston, David R. Grant, Florian Robin, Andy Wareham, William Willoughby, Liang Yang和Karanja Yorke飾演。

, 《最後的絕地武士》 的編劇導演Rian Johnson,希望菁英護衛兵看起來更兇險,像是武士。而與銀河皇帝的護衛較為正式或儀式性相對應。菁英禁衛兵的服裝由Michael Kaplan設計,並由Johnson確認。其名稱是來自歷史上真實存在的,保護羅馬皇帝的菁英禁衛兵。[1]



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