All remaining systems will bow to the First Order! And will remember this... as the last day of the Republic!

——General Armitage Hux to the members of Starkiller Base before the destruction of the Hosnian system[来源]

赫斯將軍(General Hux)全名阿米蒂奇·赫克斯(Armitage Hux)是《星際大戰》中的角色。為第一軍團中的將軍。電影中由多姆納爾·格里森飾演。

人類第一軍團的軍官。他領導第一軍團部隊的嚴格訓練,並培養絕對的服從精神。作為第一軍團的將軍,他也指揮超級武器 弒星者基地,並領導復興帝國的任務。他和凱羅·忍一起接受最高領袖 史諾克的指揮,兩人互不隸屬,有些互相競爭的意味。

出生於阿卡尼斯,傳說他的父親Commandant 布倫多爾·赫斯 of the Arkanis Academy和他的母親 (一個廚娘)有一個故事。. Hux and his father, whose ruthless training methods at the Arkanis Academy inspired those of the future General Hux and the First Order, were rescued from the Academy when it was about to fall to the 新共和國 near the end of the 銀河內戰. When the war ended with the 賈庫戰役 and the signing of the Galactic Concordance, the 年青的赫斯和其父親作為 帝國海軍,徹退到 Unknown Regions。這些力量後來形成第一軍團。赫斯的訓練方式,讓這些殘餘的力量變成強大的軍隊。他並且熱衷於用弒星者基地攻擊新共和國。

約在銀河內戰之後30年。 Galactic Civil War, Hux was part of the mission to recover a map to 路克·天行者, the last 絕地, on 賈庫. Ren led the search for the map, which they were unable to locate. To prevent the return of the Jedi and to eliminate the 抵抗勢力, which, under the command of General 莉亞·歐嘉納, emerged to combat the First Order,Snoke allowed Hux to use the Starkiller weapon against the Republic's 首都 world of 霍斯連恩主行星. The Resistance was left without military support from the Republic, so Hux soon turned the weapon towards the 抵抗勢力基地 on D'Qar. Before he could destroy them, however, an attack squadron led by Commander 波·戴姆倫—with ground support from 韓蘇洛, former stormtrooper 芬恩, and the Jakku 拾荒者 destroyed Starkiller Base, forcing Hux and his troops to flee the planet.


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