We should list this planet as a potential base in the future. The Empire's not interested, not much space lane traffic in the area, and there's plenty of water."
"Plus it beats Hoth."
"The belly of a sarlacc beats Hoth.

——Thane Kyrell and Yendor of Corona Squadron[来源]




The planetary ring around D'Qar

迪卡行星位於銀河系 外層區域伊利尼姆星系 of .[1] 遠離一般的航道,[9] D'Qar was surrounded by a wide planetary ring that cast a shadow on its forested surface.[6] The lush, jungle-covered terrain did not host any intelligent life, though creatures such as birds and insects called the huge trees and fast-growing roots of the jungle home. Aside from the foliage, D'Qar's surface featured plains and mountains.[3]


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