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Well, I asked for a dozen T-85 X-wings with cloaking devices. Guess they got held up in transit.

——Poe Dameron shortly before the Battle of Crait[来源]

T-85 X翼星际战斗机(英文:T-85 X-wing Starfighter)是新共和国防御舰队恩多战役结束三十年后列装的新一代X翼星际战斗机

技术参数[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

英康-弗莱科技生产的T-85 X翼星际战斗机是T-65B X翼星际战斗机T-70 X翼星际战斗机的后继型号。The X-wings featured 4 fusial thrust engines and were equipped with a hyperdrive.[1] The engines could reach speeds up to at least 1,300 KPH and 120 MGLT.[2] The craft was flown by 1 pilot with an onboard astromech droid for assistance. Additional systems included deflector shields and sensors.[1]

T-85的四个翼尖各搭载有一门激光加农炮,The cockpit was placed near the rear, with a snub nose.[5] Some craft were colored gray with blue trim, and had the words Republic Navy written on their hulls in Aurebesh.[6]

历史沿革[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

恩多战役结束三十年后,T-85 X翼星际战斗机取代T-70型成为新共和国防御舰队的主力战斗机。[4] 波·达默龙指挥官在新共和国的轻剑中队服役时,曾和队友们一同驾驶T-85。达默龙后来加入了抵抗组织[1],成为黑色中队的领队,并改飞老一些的T-70星际战斗机[7]

A New Republic X-wing pursued by a First Order TIE interceptor.

While on a mission from New Republic Command, Kazuda Xiono's team employed T-85s. They were sent to rendezvous with the Resistance to pass along intelligence. Major Elrik Vonreg of the First Order engaged them. Xiono ordered his wingmen to escape, but his craft was damaged. Commander Dameron's arrival at the site saved Xiono, allowing them to trap and damage Vonreg's TIE with his sole remaining cannon, forcing him to retreat. Xiono's craft was then towed aboard a CR90 corvette.[5]

新共和国列装的T-85 X翼星际战斗机在34 ABY时和霍斯尼亚主星一道,被第一秩序的弑星者基地毁灭殆尽。[4] Shortly afterward, Commander Dameron joked to General Leia Organa that he had ordered a shipment of the T-85s in the leadup to the Battle of Crait as the Resistance fled the First Order counter-attack.[8]

幕后信息[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

T-85首次登场于2015年的小说《Before the Awakening》。

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